María José Pastoriza Gallego


This is María José Pastoriza Gallego personal webpage.

From the begining, her research career has focused on colloidal chemistry and has evolved along the years through different stages. The first objectives were related with microemulsions, focusing the research to the study of reactivity of arendiazonio salts in these heterogeneous systems. During her predoctoral stage, research was focused on determining the distribution of antioxidants in Macroemulsions. The experience acquired during those years in synthesis and analysis techniques, as well as characterization of these systems, supposed the opportunity of collaboration with groups of remarkable scientific reputation, and publication in high impact journals, which led to the obtention of her first doctoral thesis in Physical Chemistry.

In the years after the first thesis, she enrolled as PostDoctoral Fellow the group of Applied Physics at the University of Vigo. This represented a change in the type of fluid systems studied, with an approach more focused to industry. The experience from previous years allowed her to successfully address the study of dispersions of nanoparticles in thermal fluids, allowing her to participate and contribute to the successful development of two research projects. During these years she acquired training in the measurement of physical properties such as density, thermal conductivity and also got acquainted with rheology, which allows characterizing the viscoelastic properties of the materials under study and gives information about the structure of materials. The studies concerning rheology of non Newtonian nanofluids are pioneering, as for the first time a rigorous characterization of the anomalous viscoelastic behavior of these type of nanocolloids has been completed, analyzing the influences of variables ranging from size and polidispersity to magnetic nature of the suspended nanoparticles. In this period she defended a second Ph. D. thesis in Applied Physics, and also established partnerships and scientific collaboration with several research groups in Portugal..

At present she is working with a Postdoctoral Grant in the University of Minho, Portugal, in collaboration with the Group of Polymer Engineering, in the framework of a project whose main objective is the development of conductive polymers obtained by reinforcing load, specifically focusing on carbon nanotubes and graphene.

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